Cannes Docs/Marché '20

Cannes Docs/Marché 2020

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And the Cannes Docs winners are…

On 26 June at the closing event of online Cannes Docs 2020 the following awards were handed out projects pitched during the Docs-In-Progress sessions. These included the €10,000 IEFTA cash…
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Cannes Docs: Definite Article

For Emi Ueyama of Japanese Article Films, who has signed up as one of Cannes Docs’ featured exhibitors in 2020, business under corona has hardly been affected, she tells BDE.
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Cannes Marché: Imbach’s room with a view

Thomas Imbach’s latest feature doc Nemesis, like his previous film Day Is Done which premiered at 2011 Berlinale, observes a changing world from his Zurich studio. He talks to Business…
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On standby to commission

As Head of International Current Affairs at the BBC, Sarah Waldron is used to commissioning documentaries at very short notice. Even so, the speed with which the BBC got behind…
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Cannes Marché is The Real Thing for Screenbound

UK-based Screenbound International Pictures announced Marché sales activity on Simon Sheridan’s doc Everything, about the 1970s UK soul combo The Real Thing. The company is also handing sales on Audrey…
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Cannes ACID review: Il Mio Corpo by Michele Pennetta

In the final part of his Sicilian trilogy, Michele Pennetta shows the economic/familial similarities between two marginalized characters sharing the sun-scorched island, a teenage boy and a young Nigerian immigrant.
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Cannes Docs: The shock of the real

PARISDOC, the industry arm of Cinéma du Réel, presents four new projects at Cannes Marché, three of which are set in the US, one featuring the niece of murdered Minnesota…
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Cannes Docs: Geo-diversity assessed during Marché panel

During its Cannes Doc panel on June 24, Ji.hlava IDFF presented updated findings about geo-representation across international film festivals, prompting festival directors and programmers to discuss their selection rationale and…
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Hitting the Sweet Spot

“We are the new kids on the block on the sales agent documentary landscape,” Anna Berthollet says of Sweet Spot Docs, the company she and her colleagues Bojana Maric and…
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Cannes Marché: Singing out for Sona

Mumbai-based Deepti Gupta’s Shut Up Sona (sold internationally by Brighton-based Espesso Media) has provoked howls of fury in India, the director tells Business Doc Europe.
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Sector turns to Doc Society for relief

As the documentary community struggles with the financial challenges posed by the COVID-19 lockdown, London and New York based non-profit Doc Society is reporting a huge number of applications to…
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Cannes Marché: Home sweet home

Marc Isaacs’ new feature The Filmmakers’ House is labelled as “documentary.” Some doc purists, though, may be startled by the director’s freewheeling approach toward a project which was indeed shot…
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Cannes Docs goes full CIRCLE

The CIRCLE Women Doc Accelerator training initiative presents four docs-in-progress during Cannes Docs, each from a CIRCLE alumnus. Founder and program director Biljana Tutorov tells BDE about each, in a…
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Cannes Marché: Tale of A Black Jesus

A Black Jesus, directed by Luca Lucchesi and produced by Wim Wenders, poses a poignant and pertinent question. How can the residents of a Sicilian village worship a black Jesus…
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Launching under Quarantino

Leading French docs sales agent Anaïs Clanet has given details of her new venture, Reservoir Docs, which is being launched during the Cannes Marché.
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CANNES DOCS: Time to Rise and Shine

Leading Berlin-based doc sales specialist Rise and Shine presents a slate of recent festival successes, as well as Scars, the new film by Agnieszka Zwiefka, featuring in German Films Previews.
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Marché: Metrafilms in from the cold

Leading Russian outfit Metrafilms is getting back into the documentary groove with an espionage thriller as embroiled and complex as anything found in dramatised spy movies.

Cannes Docs: DAE at the Marché

The new Documentary Association of Europe was launched at Berlinale just before the world went into meltdown. But the pandemic hasn’t slowed down DAE activities, points out founder Brigid O’Shea.
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Cannes Docs set to roll

On the eve of the 2020 Marché, presented virtually this year, Pierre-Alexis Chevit, head of Cannes Docs, spoke to Business Doc Europe about organising his event under Covid.
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Cannes Docs: Met at the Marché

MetFilm Sales are screening three titles at Cannes Marché, including Hot Docs pick-up Meat the Future. They are also pre-selling two upcoming projects - on an unknown Russian female photographer…
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Cannes Marché: Ode to Joy

London-based REASON8 Films is selling Joy Womack: The White Swan, Dina Burlis’ feature doc portrait of the American ballet dancer who went to Russia to study at the Bolshoi.
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Cannes Marché: Shooting on the Covid frontline

One of the first docs made during the pandemic, London-based Sasha Joelle Achilli was not prepared for what she witnessed when she returned to Italy to shoot Italy’s Frontline: A…
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Cannes Docs: Singing in Ukraine

This was set to be the first Cannes outing for Ukrainian Docudays UA and promo body Ukrainian Institute. Instead, the showcase of new Ukrainian doc projects in post-production goes ahead…
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Cannes Docs 2020 full program announced

Eight festivals/organizations to showcase docs-in-progress selections; co-pro speed meetings 23-25 June; Dieudo Damadi special guest of Doc Day; Cannes Docs reveals seven festival partners