15 films selected for Int’l Comp at 12th Taiwan Doc Fest, May 2020

15 films selected for Int’l Comp at 12th Taiwan Doc Fest, May 2020

The 12th Taiwan International Documentary Festival (TIDF, May 1-10 2020) has announced 44 films within its three competition categories from a total of 2,384 submissions representing 132 countries and regions. European films constitute approximately two thirds of selections within the International Competition (see below).


“TIDF has developed a reputation for screening films that explore the boundaries of documentary, and the films highlight the many different aesthetic approaches that filmmakers take,” commented TIDF Director Wood Lin. 


“Also, we are proud of the regional diversity, with films from countries like Lebanon, Kyrgyzstan or Azerbaijan, which are rarely shown in Taiwan. And, as it has become a TIDF trademark, many shortlisted films send strong messages on social or political issues. They are films that connect viewers with the experiences of people around the globe.”


The International Competition selection is as follows:


The Ashram Children- I Am No Body, I Have No Body

Jonathan Ofek, Israel


The Black Tree

Máximo Ciambella, Damián Coluccio, Argentina


Erased, Ascent of the Invisible

Ghassan Halwani, Lebanon


How Big Is the Galaxy?

Ksenia Elyan, Estonia/Russia


Last Year When the Train Passed By

Huang Pang-chuanFrance/Taiwan


Little Man, Time and the Troubadour

Ineke SMITSBelgium/The Netherlands


The Makavejev Case or Trial in a Movie Theater

Goran Radovanovic, Serbia


No Data Plan

Miko Revereza, Philippines/US


The Sasha

María Molina Peiró, The Netherlands


Scheme Birds

Ellen Fiske and Ellinor HallinSweden/UK



Agostino FerrenteItaly


Space Dogs

Elsa Kremser and Levin Peter, Austria/Germany


That Which Does Not Kill

Alexe PoukineBelgium


The Tree House

Minh Quý TrươngChina/France/Germany/Singapore/Vietnam


Walchensee Forever

Janna Ji WondersGermany