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Field of Vision celebrates 5 years of films

Over this period the filmmaker-driven organization has supported 84 shorts, features and episodic films, and over 60 films currently in various stages of development, production, post-production, or at beginning of their festival career.
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IDFA 2020: Best of Fests and Top 10 line-up announced

30 titles in the Best of Fests program, and 10 titles selected by Gianfranco Rosi for the Top 10 program. “Through an initial selection that spans award-winners, newcomers, and hidden gems, IDFA sets the tone for a festival edition that is significant in its creative…
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Doclisboa unveils programme dedicated to work and labour

Entitled ‘Body of Work’, the new programme includes the work of filmmakers such as Harun Farocki, Carole Roussopoulos and Elisa Cepedal. ‘It’s a cinematic proposition that promises to pose important questions and stimulate debate on work and labour - a central thematic in our lives,’…

Doc selections at 11th La Roche-sur-Yon Fest

Kossakovsky’s Gunda in International Competition to compete for €15,000 distribution prize. Further doc selections in Perspective and Special Screenings sections. Festival runs 12-18 Oct 2020.
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DOK Neuland again at MdbK, further new locations at DOK Leipzig

Resonating Spaces is the title of the 6th Extended Reality (XR) Exhibition running as part of DOK Leipzig from 27 to 31 October. For the first time, individual works will also be presented at three additional Leipzig locations.
Saudi Runaway

Saudi Runaway nominated for European University Film Award

The European Film Academy and Filmfest Hamburg announced September 29 the Susanne Regina Meures’ documentary (Switzerland) as one of the five nominated films for the European University Film Award (EUFA).
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Venice FF: Milo Rau on The New Gospel

Like Pasolini and Mel Gibson before him, Milo Rau journeys to the Italian city of Matera to shoot the tale of Christ’s Passion. But Rau’s Christ is a modern-day anti-slavery activist, his apostles are migrants, and the witnesses to (and participants in) the crucifixion are…
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San Sebastian interview: Antonio Mendez Esparza on Courtroom 3H

Courtroom 3H is Spanish director Antonio Mendez Esparza’s first doc and follows on, in essence, from his fictional Life and Nothing More (2017) which depicted the inherent lyricism within the lives of a black teenager and his minimum-wage mother in one of the US’s poorest neighbourhoods.
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Impression of an accidental piano

Pripyat Piano, a short creative documentary by noted Czech composer and filmmaker Eliška Cílková, reveals a hidden memory of ghost town, Pripyat, home to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. The film is part of the IDF East Silver Caravan.

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