And the Cannes Docs winners are…

And the Cannes Docs winners are…

On 26 June at the closing event of online Cannes Docs 2020 the following awards were handed out projects pitched during the Docs-In-Progress sessions. The winners are:


€10,000 cash prize and professional project follow-up, supported by IEFTA – The International Emerging Film Talent Association.

Winner: HOLY CRAFT (pictured)

From the PHILIPPINES Showcase 

Directed by: Joseph Mangat

Produced by: Alemberg ANG (vy/ac Productions, Philippines)

Holy Craft examines the peculiarities of religion, labor, capital and gender all intersecting at a Catholic figurines factory in the Philippines, where devout LGBTQ workers and outcasts pray to the same items they make. The film goes beyond the critique of the business of religion by focusing on the people behind the scenes and how they live and work within the absurdity of it all.



Awarded in partnership with Nordisk Panorama, providing a 2-hour consultation on the lm’s impact and outreach strategy.


From the CIRCLE Women Doc Accelerator Showcase 

Directed by: Anna Nemes

Produced by: Ágnes Horváth-Szabó & András Pires Muhi (ELF Pictures, Hungary)

Female bodybuilders’ sexually extreme appearance makes them outcasts – a price to pay for choosing a non-conformist way to self-fulfillment. Going under the tanned skin [the filmmakers] look for the reasons behind their lifestyle. [They] want to explore bodybuilding through empathy and understanding, and at the same time, to provide the viewer with a rare angle to observe our society. 



Professional DCP offered by Cineli Digital, Paris, France.


From the CANADA Showcase 

Directed by: Nicolas Levesque

Produced by: Jean-Philippe Archibald, Nicolas Levesque (Canopée, Canada)

Les Libres is a full-length documentary feature which shows us how four detainees are dealing with the end of their prison sentence, in a sawmill. Can a factory job help them to make the necessary transformation and become free men? Hidden from society’s view and through meetings with their instructors, psychotherapists and other participants, we accompany Samuel, Pierrot, Fred and Steve talk about their hopes and fears during this six-month transition period. 



French / English subtitles offered by VOSTAO, Paris, France.

Winner: ANHELL69

From the FIDBA Showcase 

Directed by: Theo Montoya

Produced by: Juan Pablo Castrillon (Desvío Visual, Colombia), Mario Durrieu & Walter Tiepelmann (996 films, Argentina) & Bianca Oana (Monogram Film, Rumania)

A few week after members of the queer scene in Medellín in Colombia were cast for a vampire movie, the film’s protagonist – Camilo Najar – died of a heroin overdose at age 21. As the youth in Colombia grapple with suicide and drug overdoses, Anhell69 tries to explore this generation’s “non-future” mindset.