DocCelerator double-down

DocCelerator double-down

Photo from Never Waste a Good Crisis by Sergio Ghizzardi, Domino Productions, Belgium

The DocCelerator workshop, originally scheduled for early September, has proved so irresistible to docmakers that organisers have had to schedule in additional event, the organisation revealed August 7 2020.

The new dates are now August 27- 28 and September 1-2. This means that instead of selecting the planned number of six documentary project teams, 11 projects are now selected across the two workshops.

The projects selected for these second and third DocCelerator editions spans 11 countries over three continents and represent a wide variety in filmic approaches and themes spanning personal investigations of love, passionate historical narratives and political conflicts. The projects are:


DocCelerator2, August 27-28, 2020


• Never Waste a Good Crisis: Director and Producer Sergio Ghizzardi, Domino

Productions, Belgium

• Hamlet – The Cook of Cosmic Station: Director Angela Frangyan. Producers:

Anzhela Frangyan, Stephane Jourdain & Nare Ter-Gabrielyan, Dokino, Armenia and

La Huit, France.

• The Only Game in Town: Director Marjolaine Grappe. Producers Mark Austin &

Thierry Marro, USA and France.

• Outside Riders: Director Thiago Foresti. Producer Amanda Fernandes, Forest,


• Respect: Directors Eveliina Pasanen & Milja-Liina Moilanen. Producer Elli

Toivoniemi, Tuffi Films, Finland.

• Irena: Director Giedre Zickyte. Producers Giedre Zickyte & Tina Leed, Moonmakers,

Lithuania and Saxonia Entertainment, Germany.

DocCelerator3, September 1-2, 2020


• The Afterlife of Karen Dalton: Director Charlotta Hayes. Producers Ashley Smith

& Mario Adamson, Sisyfos Film Production, Sweden.

• All Inclusive: Directors Thorsten Ernst and Tobias Lickes. Producer Maria Shilik,

Kloos & Co, Germany.

• The One You Love” Director Mette-Ann Schepelern. Producer Lottie Terp Jacobsen,

Magma Film, Denmark.

• Play to Me, and I Will Dance: Director Nata Holava. Producer Nadzeya

Husakouskaya, Belarus.

• Memory of the Trees: Director Maite Vitoria Daneris. Producers Maite Vitoria

Daneris & Maryse Capdepuy, Helecho Producciones, Spain.

DocCelerator is a 2-day documentary training initiative launched by Paradiddle Pictures, providing documentary makers detailed feedback on projects in development. This includes building stronger character development, defining solid narrative arcs and structuring dramatic development.

It will also include a number of exercises that the tutors provide to the participants, in order to make their documentary script advance in a more focused way. After the workshop the participants will get individual follow up on their projects as they progress with the story development.

The workshops are run by Geoffrey Smith and Ove Rishøj Jensen.