Dutch docs competing for 2020 Golden Calves

Dutch docs competing for 2020 Golden Calves

The Netherlands Film Festival (NFF), which celebrates its 40th edition in 2020, announced the selection of long documentaries (see below) and short docs, as well as short films, that will compete in the Golden Calf Competition 2020. 


A shortlist of nominations will be announced Monday 28 September, and the awards will be presented on October 2 during the Grolsch Golden Calves Gala. All selected films can be seen online or on location during the Dutch Film Festival 2020, from Friday 25 September to Saturday 3 October. 


The festival has adjusted its competition rules in 2020 in response to COVID-19. Productions whose release has been postponed or adversely affected can participate in the Golden Calves competition. In addition, feature films and long documentaries premiering at the NFF can also compete for the Golden Calves 2020.


Golden Calf Competition: feature-length documentaries:


• African Bride – Roy Dames and Jos Driessen

• All Against All – Luuk Bouwman

• Angels on Diamond Street – Petr Lom

• Behind the Blood – Loretta van der Horst

• The Dick Maas Method – Jeffrey De Vore (première)

• Drama Girl – Vincent Boy Kars

• In the Arms of Morpheus – Marc Schmidt

• Keeper – Johan Kramer

• King of the Cruise – Sophie Dros

• Lamentations of Judas – Boris Gerrets

• Leonie, Actress and Spy – Annette Apon

• Life is Dream – Vanesa Abajo Pérez (première)

• Mister Soul – A Story About Donny Hathaway – David Kleijwegt

• Portret van een mislukt schrijver – Joris Koptod Nioky (première)

• Prison for Profit – Femke van Velzen and Ilse van Velzen

• My Rembrandt – Oeke Hoogendijk

• RK Veulpoepers BV – Frank van Osch and Joris Hendrix

• Punks – Maasja Ooms

• The Secret Room – A Journey into the Universe of Odin Teatret – Janica Draisma

• De schreeuw van Rob Scholte – Roy Dames (première)

• Sidik and the Panther – Reber Dosky

• Stop Filming Us – Joris Postema

• Your Mum and Dad – Klaartje Quirijns

• They Call Me Babu – Sandra Beerends