Happy ending to 2019 for Finnish docmakers

Happy ending to 2019 for Finnish docmakers

The Finnish Film Foundation has granted €717,000 in production support to seven documentaries, the organisation announced December 30 2019. Two of the documentaries are international co-productions with a Finnish minority share.


In total, €2.6 million in production support was given across 20 productions, including features, shorts and series.


The foundation further pointed out that in 2019 it gave production support to 66 projects with a Finnish majority share (all formats). 51% of productions had a female director attached and the share of female screenwriters was 45%. Among beneficiary producers, 31% were female. 


The supported documentaries are:


Delhi – It’s Not My Fault
Director: Rahul Jain
Writers: Rahul Jain, Iikka Vehkalahti
Producer: Iikka Vehkalahti
Production company: Toinen katse
Production support: €160,000 


The Happy Worker
Director: John Webster
Writers: Eveliina Kantola, John Webster
Producer: Marko Talli
Production company: Yellow Film & TV
Production support: €145,000 


The Kind Stranger
Directors: Sini Hormio, Anu Silfverberg
Writers: Sini Hormio, Ari Matikainen, Anu Silfverberg
Producer: Ari Matikainen
Production company:  Kinocompany Finland
Production support: €92,000 


The Mission
Director & writer: Tania Moilanen
Producers: Isabella Karhu, Juho-Pekka Tanskanen 
Production company: Danish Bear Productions
Production support: €125,000 


Director & writer: Mia Halme
Producers: Marianne Mäkelä, Liisa Karpo 
Production company: napafilms
Production support: €140,000 


Acasă, My Home
Minority co-production with Romania
Director & writer: Radu Ciorniciuc
Producers: Monica Lazurean-Gorgan, Ari Matikainen 
Finnish co-production company: Kinocompany Finland
Production support: €15,000 


The Colour of the Wind (pictured)
Minority co-production with Canada
Director & writer: Claire Sanford
Producers: Adam Pajot Gendron, Sami Jahnukainen, Dagmar Jacobsen 
Finnish co-production company: Donkey Hotel
Production support: €40,000