IFFR 2020 vision for docs

IFFR 2020 vision for docs

IFFR 2020 will present 22 feature doc world premieres (17 from Europe) across its Deep Focus, Bright Future, Perspectives and Voices Strands.


In addition, Rotterdam audiences can take in nine international feature doc premieres (five from Europe) and five Euro-prems (two from Europe).


A further 30 non-premiering feature documentaries are in IFFR selection, of which 24 are from Europe.


The feature docs Drama Girl (pictured) and El año del descrubimiento will compete for the coveted Tiger Award (valued at a whopping €40,000) and Special Jury Award (€10,000).


In Drama Girl, Dutch director Vincent Boy Kars probes how he can fictionalise the life of fellow millennial Leyla – or is he making a documentary about drama?


The Spanish/Swiss co-production El año del descrubimiento (Luis López Carrasco) presents seemingly incidental conversations in a bar in Cartagena, Spain, to expose an almost forgotten piece of social history.


Bright Future Competition throws up two non-European feature doc titles. 


In Panquiaco by Ana Elena Tejera (Panama), described as an enchanting film poem about myths, memory and identity, a descendant of the Panamanian Dole community returns to his roots.


Hannah Jayanti’s Truth or Consequences (USA) is a speculative documentary film which focuses on the lower classes who are left behind after Earth’s richest people have fled into space. 


In total 128 documentaries (including shorts and mid-length) are selected for IFFR 2020.


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