Nordic docs in Competition at Gothenburg

Nordic docs in Competition at Gothenburg

Four world-prems feature among the nine documentaries selected for Nordic Doc Competition at Gothenburg Film festival which runs 24 Jan – 3 Feb 2020.


All nine films compete for the Dragon Award for Best Nordic Documentary. The winner will receive services from the post production company Chimney valued at SEK250,000 (€24,000).


World premieres:

Colombia in My Arms by Jussis Rastas & Jenni Kivistö (Fin, Den, Nor, Fr)

After the historical peace agreement in 2016 and over 50 years of bloody civil war, the world-renowned FARC guerilla begin a comprehensive process of disarmament.


For Somebody Else by Sven Blume (Swe)

The controversial issue of surrogacy is at the heart of an intimate and carefully portrayed documentary that follows surrogate mothers and their pregnancies.


The Last Circus Princess by Åsa Sjöström (Swe)

Simona’s grandmother was a great mind during the glory days of the circus when the shows sold out and they traveled across all of Europe with elephants and horses.


Idomeni by David Aronowitsch (Swe)

A disturbing and dramatic time in the lives of a few people, portrayed in a low-key and gripping way, providing a touching portrait of children and adults during a period of waiting, hope and the deep wounds that will never disappear.


International premieres

Typhoon Mama by Lou Strömber (Finland)

Jittery and earth-shattering film about a mother working three jobs and with micro-loans for grotesque sums who is trying to redress the betrayal involved in being an economic refugee.


The Self Portrait by Margreth Olin, Katja Høgset and Espen Wallin (Nor)

Lene Marie Fossen is 32-years-old and a unique photographer with an extraordinary talent. But she also suffers from severe anorexia and has done so for ten years.


Nordic Premieres

I Love You I Miss You I Hope I See You Before I Die by Eva Marie Rødbro (Den)

Motherhood and struggle at the margins of society in a deeply emphatic film that instills hope where we previously found only trauma.


Meanwhile on Earth by Carl Olsson (Swe, Est, Den)

Carl Olsson (Patrimonium, GFF 2019) prepares us for the unavoidable, offering a backstage view of our final rest.


Swedish premiere

It Takes a Family by Susanne Kovács

A personal and complex family story about guilt, shame and deep pain that leads back to the Nazi concentration camps.


Gothenburg is the largest film festival in the Nordic countries and considered the most important annual meeting place in the Nordic film industry. The event attracts around 160,000 visitors to see 450 films from some 80 countries across approx 1,000 screenings.