Online DocsBarcelona outlines 2020 industry projects

Online DocsBarcelona outlines 2020 industry projects

The industry selections for the online edition of DocsBarcelona (May 20-30 2020) are as follows.


Public Pitch

The Public Pitch will present in an online event a selection of 10 projects in front of a large panel of commissioning editors, film funds and sales agents from all over the world. Each selected project will have the oportunity to make a live presentation and receive feedback from the financiers and decision makers. 


Title: A House Made of Splinters
Director: Simon Lereng wilmont
Producer: Monica Hellstrom
Final Cut for Real
Country: Denmark 


Title: A Sense of Tumour
Directors: Austen McCowan & Will Hewitt
Producers: Austen McCowan & Will Hewitt
Melt the Fly
Country: United Kingdom

Title: Controlled
Director: Nur Fibak
Producer: Assaf Amir
Norma Production
Country: Israel


Title: East of Town
Directors: Ole Elfenkaemper & Kathrin Seward
Producer: Ellen Eby
Running Stitch
Country: Germany


Title: Fight
Director: Lilit Movsisyan
Producers: Clara Kawczak & Amélia Sarmento & Iness Mkrtchyan & Sona Margaryan
Motif films & Vie des hauts Productions
País: Germany, France

Title: Finding Home
Director: Emilie Beck
Producers: Karianne Berge & Maru Sánchez
Indie Film
Country: Norway

Title: Hakuchu Munayta: Searching for Disney
Director: Augusto Segarra
Producers: Claudia Chavez-Levano & Paloma Iturriaga
Country: Peru

Title: My Genie
Director: Hyuckjee PARK
Producer: Jeonghwa Eom
Hiharbor Pictures
Country: South Korea

Title: POL
Director: Fèlix Colomer
Producer: Guillem Barceló & Lluís Domingo
Forest Film Studio
Country: Spain

Title: Science Fiction
Directors: Francisco Forbes & Matthew Barton & Ferran Romeu Sunyer
Producers: Inés Massa & Salvador Sunyer
Primo & Nanouk Films
Country: Spa


Speed Meetings

The projects selected will have one to one private online meetings of 15-minute duration with financers and decision makersarranged as per financer and project needs. They will take place over 2 days within an adjusted schedule to the accommodate world time zones.


Title: The Monster (The Other)
Directors: Marc Parramon & Amets Azallus
Producers: Isona Passola & Gentzane Martinez de Osaba & Aleix Castellano & Alex Garcia de Vicuña
Massa d’or Porduccions & Marmoka Films
Country: Spain


Title: Apache!
Director: Håvard Bustnes
Producers: Christian Falch & Håvard Bustnes
UpNorth Film
Country: Norway


Title: Cabin pressure -“Motherhood, my way!”
Directors: Eszter Nagy & Sára Czira
Producers: Patricia D’Intino & Anna Szijjártó (co-producer)
Good Kids Kft
Country: Hungary


Title: Dancing Madness
Director: Marta Espar
Producers: Marta Espar & Maiol Virgili
Country: Spain


Title: Expedition 49
Director: Alisa Kovalenko
Producer: Stephane Siohan
East Roads Films
Country: Ukraine


Title: Fading
Director: Andrea Caciagli
Producer: Laura Catalano
8 production
Country: Italy


Title: Gypsy Gadji
Director: Dasa Raimanova
Producer: Rafa Sakowski
Iris Media
Country: Poland


Title: Jack the Wolf
Director: Tuki Jencquel
Producer:  Andy Cohen
Orinokia Filmproduktion
Country: Germany


Title: Hero, Traitor, Playboy, Spy
Directors: Scott Calonico & Jeffry Radice
Producers: Harmon Leon & Jeffrey J. Radice
AD&D Productions, ltd.
Country: Germany


Title: In constant movement
Director: Elena Molina
Producer: Jesica Costilla, Elena Molina
Country: Spain, Morocco


Title: La Singla: breaking the silence
Director: Paloma Zapata
Productor: Paloma Zapata
Fábrica Naranja de Películas, S.L.
Country: Spain, France


Title: La Vida es un Musical
Directors: Patty Pajak & Karolina Pajak
Producers: Thor Hampus Bank & Emil Johnsen
GotFat Productions
Country: Denmark


Title: Life After Death
Director: Nerijus Milerius
Producer: Stasys Baltakis
Film Jam
Country: Lithuania


Title: Los Zuluagas
Director: Flavia Montini
Producers: Luca Ricciardi & Valeria Adilardi & Laura Romano &Mauro Vicentini
Country: Italy


Title: Mind Forward
Director: Ruth Chao
Producers: Ruth Chao & Juan de Dios Serrano & Jose Mazeda
Samadrome & Agallas Films
Country: Spain


Title: Mogadisco: The Return of Somali Funk
Director: Lucy Provan
Producer: Clive Patterson
Country: United Kingdom


Title: Montse Watkins: Kamakura Tales
Director: Chelo Alvarez-Stehle
Producers: Chelo Alvarez-Stehle & Efthymia Zymvragaki & Elena Gallego Andrada
innerLENS Productions
Country: Spain, United States, Japan


Title: My Sister My Friend
Director: Sunib Dekwar
Producer: Sunib Dekwar
Late Production
Country: United States


Title: One Kilometer of Conflict
Directors: Idit Avrahami & Noam Sheizaf
Producers: Idit Avrahami & Noam Sheizaf
Medalia Productions
Country: Israel


Title: Roma
Director: Olha Zhurba
Producers: Darya Bassel &Viktoriia Khomenko
Moon Man LLC & Final Cut For Real & Tangerine Tree
Country: Denmark, Netherlands, Ukraine


Title: Santorini Weddings – The last season
Director: Sveta Strelnikova
Producer: Frank Müller
Doppelplusultra Filmproduktion GmbH
Country: Germany, Greece 


Title: Savoy
Director: Zohar Wagner
Producer: Zohar Wagner
Zohar Wagner Films
Country: Israel


Title: So Foul a Sky
Director: Álvaro F. Pulpeiro
Productor: Clive Patterson
Insight TWI
Country: United Kingdom


Title: The Raaby Mistery
Director: Stian Indrevoll
Producer: Thorvald Nilsen
Screen Story Film & TV
Country: Norway


Title: Who Killed the Dolphin King
Director: Luis Ansorena & Ernest Riera
Producer: Carles Brugueras & Alba Forn
Polar Stars films
Country: Spain


Rough Cut Pitch

A selection of 3 projects at rough cut stage to be presented online to a selection of experts (commissioning editors, film funds and sales agents). In this year’s online version, the session will not be public, and each team will be given 25 minutes to present their project. 


Title: 1001 days
Director: Chloe White
Producers:  Kethiwe Ngcobo & Rose Palmer
Sun Lua S.L
Country: United Kingdom


Title: Clown’s Planet
Director: Hector Carré
Producer: Hector Carré
Sun Lua S.L
Country: Spain


Title: Memorias de un Tiempo Eterno
Director: Atahualpa Lichy
Producer: Atahualpa Lichy & Diana Lichy
Yavita Cine 
Country: Venezuela


Doc Series Forum

For the first time the DocsBarcelona market creates a unique financing space for the documentary series in development. In the Doc Series Forum, the selected projects will meet in a one to one format with broadcasters and VOD Platforms who are active and interested in producing documentary projects in a series format.


Title: Children of Water
Director: Joy Penroz
Producer: Sylvain Grain
Raki Films
Country: France, Chile


Title: Draw for Change!
Directors: Vincent Coen & Guillaume Vandenberghe
Producers: Hanne Phlypo & Estelle Robin You & David Herdies & Femke Wolting & Sigrid Dyekjaer
Clin d’oeil films
Country: Belgium


Title: Health matters – one year inside a public health system
Directors: Vicent Peris & Claudia Reig
Producer: Àlex Badia
Barret, Coop. V.
Country: Spain


Title: Maravilla
Director: Javier Viqueira
Producer: Arleen Cruz & Rebca Noriega
Maravilla LLC
Country: Puerto Rico


Title: Honorable
Director: Isaki Lacuesta
Producer: Salvador Sunyer & Andrés Mellinas
Nanouk Films
Country: Spain


Title: Oversea
Director: Israel del Santo
Producers: Mercedes García-Nieto Escauriaza & Monica Hidalgo
M International Audiovisual
Country: Spain


Title: River of Life
Directors: Enric Bach & Xavier Aldekoa
Producers: Laura Collado & Enirc Bach
Producciones del Barrio & Muzungu Producciones Audiovisuales
Country: Spain


Title: The Delivery Line
Directors: Nance Ackerman & Ariel Nasr
Producers: Sergeo Kirby
Loaded Pictures
Country: Canada


Title: The Last Generation
Directors: Rune Andersen & Natalie Haft
Producers: Vincent Nguyen & Katia Pinzon
Padi Productions S.L. &Troy TV & Melt Motion
Country: Spain, United Kingdom, Denmark


Campus DocsBarcelona

In its second edition, the selected documentary projects in an initial development stage, will follow a 10-month training program designed to increase their international dimension and give them tools for development.


Alphonso Ford – Score Until the Last Day
Director: Aris Tsiaras
Producer: Ursula Romero Gerberding
Country: Spain


Desconocidas Gigantes
Director: Marta Solano
Producer: Marta Solano
Burbuja Films
Country: Spain


Ellos y nosotros
Director: Guillermo Kloetzer
Producer: Diego Sardi
De La Raíz Films
Country: Uruguay


Director: Amparo Mejías & Araceli Carrero
Producer: Araceli Carrero
Esperanto Films
Country: Spain


Director: Helga Delgadillo
Producer: Alejandro Quiroga Guerra
De Otro Cuento Films
Country: Bolivia


Viaje al círculo sagrado
Director: Nelly Dávalos
Producer: Estefanía Ortiz
Chamaca Productora
Country: Paraguay