Open programme of Ex Oriente workshop (first session)

Open programme of Ex Oriente workshop (first session)

The open programme of the 2020/21 Ex Oriente workshop first session comprises the following lectures, panels and case studies (live streams can be accessed at:

Tuesday, June 23

11 am – 12:30 pm via Zoom Webinar

Case study by Emma Davie: Unlocking process

Moderated by Chloe Trayner

A conversation between Emma Davie and Chloe Trayner, Festival Director of Open City Documentary Festival, using Becoming Animal as a case study to explore approaches to documentary form and process. The discussion is particularly focused on tools which help unlock a filmic language and how limitations and problems can create experimentation.

Thursday, June 25

10 am – 11:30 pm via Zoom Webinar

Lecture by Salomé Jashi: Vision and reality

How do artists/filmmakers respond to immaterial forces and atmospheric phenomena? Specifically, what maps, methods and strategies are available for exploring what can be described as ‘haunted terrains’ – from urban cityscapes to remote environments, relics, ruins, and those psychic, ‘invisible’ frequencies beyond the physical dimensions of a place? How can an ‘unfilmable’ subject form the basis of a rich inquiry…

Friday, June 26

11 am – 12 pm via Zoom Webinar (in English)

Panel: Slovak documentary industry. Speakers:

▪️ Zuzana Bieliková, Manager of Slovak Film Commission

▪️ Zuzana Mistríková, producer – PubRes, Head of Association of Independent Producers – ANP

▪️ Peter Kerekes, director and producer – Kerekes Film, member of ANP

▪️ Ondrej Starinský, Head of Documentary Department RTVS

▪️ Moderator: Eva Križková, Executive Director – One World Film Festival Slovakia

Join the panel with leading representatives of Slovak film industry, who will present their organisations and positions within the Slovak documentary landscape; explain and introduce the advantages of shooting in Slovakia, the opportunities for producers to co-produce their projects in Slovakia, share examples of cooperation and acquisition with the Slovak public broadcaster Radio and Television of Slovakia (RTVS) and notes on international premieres at Slovak festivals and documentary distribution in Slovakia.

Friday, June 26

1 pm – 2 pm via Zoom Webinar

Case study by Peter Kerekes: Occupation 1968

Acclaimed producer and director Peter Kerekes will focus in his case study of producing omnibus documentary Occupation 1968, composed of five 26-minute documentaries shot by directors from Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Germany and Russia.

Friday, June 26

3:30 pm – 5 pm via Zoom Webinar

Case study by Christian Aune Falch: Distributing iHuman in the time of lockdown

Producer Christian Aune Falch from UpNorth Film in Norway will share his thoughts and experiences with the release of Tonje Hessen Schei’s feature documentary on the artificial intelligence revolution iHuman. Years of production and distribution planning culminated in the Covid19 lockdown as the film was about to hit the cinemas as well as festivals cancelling one after the other. Facing an unprecedented worldwide crisis, how do you salvage the momentum?

Ex Oriente is an international training programme for documentary professionals supporting the development and funding of creative documentary films from Central and Eastern Europe. The core of the Ex Oriente Film workshop is based on three week-long residential workshops held over 9 months. The second session will be based at Ji.hlava in October and the workshops culminates at East Doc Platform March 2021. Each year up to 12 projects receive assistance from a wide range of film experts, with each workshop focusing on a different segment of development.