Cinéma du réel (13-22 March 2020) announces 24 Int’l and 20 French Competition titles

Cinéma du réel (13-22 March 2020) announces 24 Int’l and 20 French Competition titles

Carrousel by Marina Meijer in International Competition

Paris doc fest Cinéma du réel (13-22 March 2020) will screen five world premieres in its 24-film International Competition, comprising 13 features and 11 shorts. These include the long-form BEYNIMDEKI MISMARLAR (Nails on My Brain, Azerbaijan, 80 minutes) and MAKONGO (Central African Republic, Argentina, Italy, 72 minutes). 


The French competition boasts 20 titles, of which 12 are features and 8 are shorts. All are world premieres.


International Competition:


El año del descubrimiento (The Year of the Discovery) 

Luis López Carrasco (2020, Spain, 200’) 



Alyx Ayn Arumpac (2019, Philippines/France, 82’) 


Back to 2069 

Elise Florenty, Marcel Türkowsky (2019, Germany/France/Belgium, 40’) 


Beynimdeki Mismarlar (Nails In My Brain) 

Hilal Baydarov (2020, Azerbaijan, 80’) World premiere


Bring Down The Walls 

Phil Collins (2020, Germany/USA, 87’) 



Marina Meijer (2019, The Netherlands, 68’) International premiere


Don’t Rush 

Elise Florenty, Marcel Türkowsky (2020, Germany/France/Belgium, 53’) World premiere


Expedition Content 

Ernst Karel, Veronika Kusumaryati (2020, USA, 78’) 


Jia ting hui yi (The Choice) 

GU Xue (2020, China, 66’) World premiere



Alexander L. Fattal (2019, Colombia/USA, 25’) 


Ontem havia coisas estranhas no céu (Yesterday There Were Strange Things in the Sky) 

Bruno Risas (2019, Brazil, 110’) 



Elvis Sabin Ngaibino (2020, Central African Republic/Argentina/Italy, 72’) World premiere


Nach zwei Stunden waren zehn Minuten vergangen (After Two Hours, Ten Minutes Had Passed) 

Steffen Goldkamp (2019, Germany, 20’)


Nuit Debout (Up At Night) 

Nelson Makengo (2019, Democratic Republic of Congo/Belgium, 20’)



Gerard Ortin Castellvi (2019, Spain, 27’) International premiere


Responsabilidad empresarial (Corporate Accountability) 

Jonathan Perel (2020, Argentina, 68’) 


Signal 8 

Simon Piu Liu (2019, Hong Kong/USA/UK, 14’)


La sombra del desierto (O el paraíso perdido) (The Shadow of the Desert [or Paradise Lost]) 

Juan Manuel Sepúlveda (2020, Mexico, 80’) International premiere


Subject to Review 

Theo Anthony (2019, USA, 37’) 


Tape 39 

Amit Dutta (2020, India, 16’) World premiere


Those That, at a Distance, Resemble Another 

Jessica Sarah Rinland (2019, UK/Argentina/Spain, 67’) 


The Two Sights (AN DA SHEALLADH) 

Joshua Bonnetta (2019, UK/Canada, 88’) 


The Wasp and the Weather 

Robin Vanbesien (2019, Belgium/France, 19’) International premiere


We Still Have to Close Our Eyes 

John Torres (2019, Philippines, 13’) 



French competition (all 2020, unless stated otherwise):


Age of Heroes 

by Simon Ripoll-Hurier (19’) 


Ahlan wa sahlan 

Lucas Vernier (95’)


L’âge d’or (Golden Age) 

Jean-Baptiste Alazard (69’) 


L’avenir le dira 

Pierre Creton (26’) 


Celle qui manque (The Missing One) 

Rares Ienasoaie (87’) 


Chronique de la terre volée 

Marie Dault (89’) 


La fabrique des monstres (The Monsters Factory) 

Malak Maatoug (27’) 


L’homme qui penche (The Man who is Lining) 

Marie-Violaine Brincard, Olivier Dury (94’) 


Il n’y aura plus de nuit (There Will Be No More Night ) 

Eleonore Weber (75’) 



Gaëlle Boucand (61’)



Christophe Pellet (15’)


Mes chers espions (My Dear Spies) 

Vladimir Léon (134’) 



Hendrik Hegray (55’)

Parler avec les morts (Talking with the Dead) 

Taina Tervonen (67’) 


Qui est là ? (Who is There?) 

Souad Kettani (54’)



Aurore Vullierme (77’)


La terre de gevar (Gevar’s Land) 

Qutaiba Barhamji (80’)


Tout ça peut mal tourner 

Christophe Derouet (33’)


This Means More

Nicolas Gourault (22’)


Une maison (A House) 

Judith Auffray (82’)