Thumbs up for virtual CPH:DOX Industry programme

Thumbs up for virtual CPH:DOX Industry programme

Hard and fast stats will be collected when it’s all over but so far CPH:DOX Head of Industry Katrine Kiilgaard is delighted following the event’s forced conversion to digital this year.


“We have all been totally amazed by what it actually means to be able to meet online as a group, as a community,” she enthuses, four days into the industry component of leading doc fest CPH:DOX. “It has been extremely rewarding, given the number of hours and quite a bit of stress that that have gone into making it happen.”


The CPH:FORUM opening constituted a live debate on coronavirus and how the problem is being met by the different sectors within the doc industry. 


“People were overwhelmingly happy and grateful for the opening event, gathering people and letting them speak about the current situation facing the COVI-19 crisis,” Kiilgaard says. “There have been suggestions of us hosting similar discussions on different topics over the next months, and we would be happy to do that now we have the technology in place.”


On the Forum itself, Kiilgaard pointed out how participants have had several opportunities to pitch to the money out there in the virtual space. Some created bespoke pitches which could be accessed online before the one-on ones, while others took the “meet market” approach of compressing the pitch and meet-up into a single presentation. 


Kiilgaard notes, that “we wanted to re-create the physical live pitch in virtual space, but we didn’t find the platform solutions that could guarantee the optimum delivery quality we wanted, taking into consideration the delicate material we are handling when dealing with projects still in the making.


“One-to-one meetings have been going on as planned,” she says. “It has been incredible to see people come into a virtual lobby and be beamed down to their respective break-out rooms with the different projects that they are meeting. That part has been working incredibly well and we have had a lot of positive feedback both on the concept and on us [actually] actually making it happen.”


Kiilgaard points out that conference engagement has been equal to the ‘live’ participation at past events, and that numbers this year are greatly bolstered by post-event online interaction. “So in total we have many more audiences engaging with the event than we would have had in the physical space.”


“And of course we will keep the materials up for all those who do not put some kind of restriction on their content staying online. We will let it stay online so that people can access it for long after.”


CPH:LAB talent development activity was brisk within the 3x3x3 workshops ahead of today’s (March 26) platform pitches and the March 27 one-on-one meetings,” Kiilgaard reports. 


The Industry boss underlines the “amazing” work undertaken by her tech colleagues Aske Just, Nanna Lundgren Jensen and Susanne Thygaard. “My biggest heartfelt thanks go out to them, without whom we could never have done this.”