Ji.hlava IDFF announces Emerging Producers for 2020/21 programme

Ji.hlava IDFF announces Emerging Producers for 2020/21 programme

Seventeen producers from 17 European countries plus one from guest country Israel selected for 2-part programme running at Ji.hlava 2020 and Berlinale 2021.


Ji.hlava IDFF has announced the 17 participants within its two-part promotional and educational Emerging Producers programme running October 2020 at Ji.hlava IDFF (Czech Republic) and February 2021 during Berlinale.


The producers are:

● Alice Lemaire / Belgium

● Ivan Perić / Croatia

● Marek Novák / Czech Republic

● Niklas Kullström / Finland

● Quentin Laurent / France

● Maximilian Haslberger / Germany

● Ildiko Kosztolni / Hungary

● Antonella Di Nocera / Italy

● Ieva Goba / Latvia

● Firat Sezgin / Netherlands

● Racha Helen Larsen / Norway

● Agnieszka Skalska / Poland

● Anda Ionescu / Romania

● Iva Plemić Divjak / Serbia

● Zora Jaurová / Slovakia

● Jorge Caballero / Spain

● Mario Adamson / Sweden


Guest country Israel / Kobi Mizrahi


The Emerging Producers programme is described by the festival as the only one of its kind for documentary film producers in Europe.


Every year event organisers select 18 talented producers (17 European and one representing a guest country), for whom they look to provide educational, networking and promotional support.


Following the success of its previous five editions, the programme was extended in 2017 to include a four-day workshop in Berlin and producers’ presentation during Berlinale.


While the main part of the training takes place at Ji.hlava IDFF and Berlin, other activities and the promotion of Emerging Producers take place at major film events throughout the year.


After eight editions, the project boasts 147 film professionals as alumni, many of whom have already become established in the film world and have received prizes at major film festivals.


The main objective of the programme is to interconnect talented European producers with other film professionals, especially those working in documentary cinematography. The project is also designed to provide the participants with an easy access to information in the field of audiovisual industry, deeper and wider orientation in the film market but also help them to establish contacts with producers from other countries, and thus increase the potential of future European co-production projects.


The training is divided into three main parts, as outlined by the festival:



The programme includes personal presentations of the producers as well as an official presentation to film professionals and press at the Ji.hlava IDFF. The Emerging Producers project is accompanied by a specially tailored catalogue. By using a unique design it combines personal profiles and professional backgrounds of each of the producers, the festival adds. The Emerging Producers are presented at major film events throughout the year. 



A fundamental part of the Emerging Producers programme consists of various informal meetings where people get to know each other and gain easy access to contacts for future international collaborations. However, we (the festival) are particular about the fact that even these informal meetings have a specific format with a reasonable purpose to fulfil the networking aim.


Individual meetings with other film professionals are planned to meet the needs of each participant of the workshop. The aim is to help the producers meet the key personnel in the audiovisual industry present at the Ji.hlava Industry Programme and at Berlin.



In today’s times of rapid technological development and an expanding film market, it is often very hard for a starting producer to get oriented in the film market and understand how the whole mechanism works. It may take several years for a talented producer to learn how to co-operate, finance and produce their films.


“The Ji.hlava Industry Programme was conceived in order to represent a real entrance gate to the film industry with a focus on creative documentary film and its forms that overlap with fiction film and visual arts. It also focuses on the field of distribution and film sales with the aim of helping the producers to reach the desired results,” the festival underlines.


Past Emerging Producers tutors include Paolo Benzi, Irena Taskovski, Amra Bakšić Čamo, Heino Deckert, Luciano Barisone, Peter Jäger, Sibyl Kurz, Rebecca O’Brien and Ada Solomon.