Sideways through Europe

Sideways through Europe

Non-Western by Laura Plancarte

Commencing Monday September 7, London/Barcelona-based outfit Sideways Film will embark on a month-long sales and acquisition odyssey through Europe, kicking off in Switzerland and visiting a further 13 countries.


Because of the widespread cancellation of on-site markets and festivals, doc and factual sales agency Sideways Film will supplement digital attendance of the usual markets and festivals with a face-to-face month long sales tour, the company told Business Doc Europe. 


Established in 2010, Sideways Film specialises in worldwide broadcast, VOD, All Rights, Educational and in-flight licensing sales. 


“Meeting in person is always far more effective than communicating my phone, email, zoom and so on – every market and expo is based on the recognition of this fact,” said Kazz Basma, the company’s Head of Sales and Acquisitions. 


“Our focus for this trip is on sales and it is in many ways a kind of replacement for MIPCOM. We will also be meeting with producers along the way but there is less urgency there because for most of the projects we are following we have already met the producers, and for others, because projects take so long to realise, there will be more opportunities hopefully down the line when the markets and festivals re-open. For now though we need to make sure that we can do justice to our new line up and bring them to the widest possible audience,” he continues.


The whistle-stop tour takes in 20 cities in 14 countries that include France, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Czech Republic and Croatia.


Adds sales manager Juan Solera: “We took the decision to travel across Europe to introduce our new line up and find new projects that could fit our catalogue. Zoom or Skype are okay but we feel the extra effort is crucial to continue producing the best results.”


The new titles that Sideways Film will be introducing include:


Cryptopia: Bitcoin, Blockchains and the Future of the Internet: Can blockchain technology be used to create a new, fairer, decentralised and uncensored web 3.0 where we can control our data and protect our online identities? Or will the potential be squandered as mega corporations once again compete for dominance in this new field.


Mind Forward: Connected brains will lead to powerful synthetic telepathy technologies making it possible to not only to read other person’s thoughts, but also manipulate them. But where what are the potential benefits and pitfalls of these new technologies?


The Face of Anonymous: Cyber terrorist or freedom fighter? Little did novelist Ian Thornton suspect that the beggar into whose hat he dropped some coin would turn out to be a high ranking member of the Anonymous movement involved in major cyber-attacks. After years on the run from the FBI the man known as Commander X is now looking for political asylum.


Beyond Men and Masculinity: What happens when men are taught to disconnect from their feelings in the name of being strong and independent? From the therapy room to the political battlefield, this provocative film offers a clear insight into why we must look beyond traditional definitions of men and masculinity.


Medicating Normal: Millions worldwide are physically dependent on commonly prescribed psychiatric drugs. Pharmaceutical companies have hidden their dangerous side effects, addictive nature and long-term harm. This is the story of the disastrous consequences that occur when profit-driven medicine intersects with human beings in distress.


Non-Western: We follow a native/non-native couple in Montana, USA ahead of their wedding, see the challenges their interracial family face, and through their struggles witness an on-going cycle of oppression, exploring how gender and identity issues affect different generations in Montana.


Also, a new 6 part science series soon to be announced. Filmed across North America, Europe, and Australia, and mastered in 4K, the series focuses on the most exciting disciplines in popular science today. Episode themes will be: Artificial Intelligence, Achieving Immortality, Living Off the Earth, Genetic Engineering, Cyborg Technology, and creating a Disease-Free World with the Human Microbiome. By showing how the most cutting-edge technologies work across these fields, the series reveals the real-world impact they will have, and the hopeful futures they will create for humanity and the planet.