Silbersalz the new home of Jackson Hole Science Media Awards

Silbersalz the new home of Jackson Hole Science Media Awards

Donata von Perfall, director of Documentary Campus and Silbersalz Festival, announced a partnership March 5 2020 with Jackson Wild to transfer its Science Media Awards to the festival, running 25-28 June 2020 in Halle (Germany).


SILBERSALZ Science & Media Festival seeks to provide access to wider scientific understanding and encourages active debate on the importance of science in our society, it stresses. This year’s theme is Homeland Earth, focusing on our planet, its diversity, (eco)systems and special characteristics and the question of how we can preserve these


With a mantra of Nature, Media, Impact, the international wildlife and conservation organisation, Jackson Wild “serves to engage public audiences as well as core influencers and policy-makers with important on-the-ground science and conservation efforts to save our planet while the window of opportunity still exists.” 


Donata von Perfall, Director of Documentary Campus and Silbersalz Festival: “We are very excited about the trust Jackson Wild has placed in us to bring the Science & Media Awards to Silbersalz. Together we continue to recognize and celebrate the achievements of those who are working to solve many of today’s challenges and of those who fascinate and inspire audiences worldwide through their stories leaving an impact. Moving the Awards to Silbersalz will address more European producers and filmmakers and enlarge the international importance.”


Added Lisa Samford, Executive Director for Jackson Wild: “There has never been a more dynamic time in scientific discovery and innovation, and the need for communicating science to public audiences and policy-makers has never been more critical to our planet. Silbersalz is the perfect partner to achieve this on a global scale.”


Dr. Katrin Rehak-Nitsche, Senior Vice President Science and Research of the Robert Bosch Stiftung: “Merging with the Science Media Awards reinforces Silbersalz as the up-and-coming international Science and Media Festival that offers citizens, scientists, and international media professionals a unique opportunity for direct exchange. At the same time, the Awards will help outstanding formats of audiovisual science communication to achieve a broader impact.”


The ten awards are as follows: Best International Documentary Feature, Best European Documentary Feature, Best International Factual Series, Inspiring Change Award, Young Audience Award, Immersive Science, Theme Award – according to each year’s festival theme (for 2020: Homeland Earth). Three are by nomination: New Visions Award, Life Achievement Award, Local Innovation Award.


The award ceremony will take place June 25 and herald the beginning of the 4-day Silbersalz festival. All of the awarded works will feature in the festival programme.