CPH:DOX set to roll

CPH:DOX set to roll

CPH:DOX underlined its commitment March 6 2020 to continue as planned despite international concern over coronavirus (COVID19).


The festival’s website has posted the following notice (updated daily) to international guests and public, which includes details of restrictions on travel to Denmark from risk areas and on gatherings in excess of 1000 people during the event.


Status regarding COVID19


The health and safety of all CPH:DOX attendees is a priority concern for the organization. To this end, CPH:DOX has been in contact with The Danish Health Authority and is continuing to monitor developments as they are reported by the public authorities.

CPH:DOX will proceed in accordance with instructions and recommendations from the public authorities.

Currently, the public authorities recommends the cancellation or postponement of large-scale public events, gathering more than 1.000 people at the same time. CPH:DOX festival events do not gather more than 1.000 people at the same time. Until further notice is given from the public authorities, we are therefore not planning a cancellation or postponement of the festival and its industry activities. During our opening gala, which takes place in the Royal Theatre, we will follow their procedures, which has lead to a reduction of the capacity of the theatre. Affected guests will be informed directly.

The Danish Health Authority restricts travel to Denmark from the special risk areas, which currently are: China, Iran, Italy (the regions Emilia-Romagna, Lombardy, Piedmont and Veneto), South Korea (The province Gyeongbuk and the city Daegu). Affected guests have been contacted directly.

We are actively planning for the necessary education, precautions, and support on the ground at our event, and we will be informing all partners and attendees of these initiatives closer to the event once there is a clear picture of the situation.

At the festival, CPH:DOX will urge guests to follow the recommended hygiene procedures, and disinfectant will be available at sanitary facilities across all festival locations.

Should circumstances change, we will be informing our guests directly as soon as possible as well as post continuous updates on this page.